After recently having several people inquire about whether or not I accept guest posts, I’ve decided to try running a series on the topic of self-care. If you’d be interested in submitting something for consideration, the details are below.

Topic: What’s one way you practice self-care that’s uniquely you?

It could be making time in your week for pottery, video games, tarot, kickboxing, or that addictively delicious peppermint latte with extra foam. Or maybe self-care looks like dressing up, even when you’ll be spending most of the day on the sofa. Or wearing your Christmas PJs, even you’re heading to the grocery store.

Format: Show us what self-care looks like for you in a scene or two. Give us a little slice of life. For examples:

Requirements: Obviously, you must own the rights to the piece. But I don’t mind if it’s been previously published. (Reworking an old blog post is always an option, too.)

Length: 500 – 800 words

Tone: Reflective, thoughtful, raw, funny, or maybe a bit snarky. Whatever you do with it, just try to keep it encouraging.

How to Submit: Fill out the form below, being sure to briefly introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your idea for a guest post. And then send it happily on its way. Looking forward to hearing from you!