Are you still writing?

Yup! My stories haven’t gone anywhere. I’m writing more for print these days (it pays better) and I’ve been doing a bit of ghostwriting.

If you’d like to follow along with my current personal blog to find out what’s happening with the little Hough-Munger family, shoot me an email at MsMunger1987@yahoo.com and I’ll send you a link and password for my blog. It’s the best way to stay up to date on where to find my latest print pieces.

Why is your new blog private?

I wanted to combine basically blogging and Instagram and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing family photos publicly. As a kid, a lot of photos of me were posted publicly without my permission. When I became an adult, photos of me as a little kid showed up when I searched my name. In addition to feeling creepy, that’s not really what you want potential employers to find. So I try to be very careful with family photos, especially as it relates to kiddos.

Additionally, a lot of print and web publications won’t take writing that’s been previously published. And personal blogs count. Having a private blog allows me to share my thoughts and stories with you as soon as I like, while still giving me the option of selling it to a publication later.

Why not just use this blog?

I started this blog when I was 26 and just beginning the journey of healing from religious trauma. It was also a place for me to write about the grief of losing my dad (see the next question for info on why this is no longer relevant to my life). I’ve changed so much since then though that it felt time for something new.

Plus, because of an abusive person in my life, so many of the stories I shared on here, even the most raw ones, were heavily censored. I want to retell some of those stories. And I want to move onto other topics all together.

I’m at a very different place in my life. I’m the safest and happiest I’ve ever been, so it seemed time to start something new in honor of that.

What is the topic of your new blog?

My life as a 30-something. I write a lot about my little family and my new stage of life. I also touch on topics like parenting, education, healing from financial abuse, and freedom. The good, the bad, the ugly. Just like before. Mainly, though, I just tell stories.