Meet Kelsey


Hello! I’m a freelance writer from beautiful (sometimes a little moldy) Seattle, Washington. I drink too much chamomile tea, marathons TV shows everyone else has already seen, and spend more hours than I’d care to admit playing The Sims.

I never intended to become writer.

I worked as a writing consultant at Green River College for five years where I read around a 1,000 college papers — ranging from heavily researched natural science papers to personal narratives. As a true English nerd, I loved explaining the nitty gritty aspects of academic writing and walking my students through the entire writing process from assignment to final draft.

I loved tutoring (in fact, I still tutor online). But after spending hours each day focusing on other people’s writing, I decided it’d be a nice change of pace to focus a bit on my own. So I started a blog.

My personal blog, which is a collection of memoir-style stories and thoughts on writing, has gained over 10,000 subscribers since it launched in 2013. Blogging, which I’d originally planned on just being a hobby, showed me how much I enjoyed writing publicly. And that naturally lead to eventually pursuing a career in freelance writing.

My writing has been featured on The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Sydney Morning Herald, Salon, and elsewhere. My favorite topics to cover include: mental health awareness, eating disorder recovery, healing from religious trauma, feminism, and self-care. But mostly I just like to tell stories.