Meet Kelsey


Kelsey L. Munger is a 30-year-old freelance writer living just outside beautiful (sometimes a little moldy) Seattle, Washington. When she’s not writing, Kelsey drinks too much chamomile tea, marathons TV shows everyone else has already seen, and spends more hours than she’d care to admit playing The Sims.

Kelsey’s writing has been featured on The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Sydney Morning Herald, Salon, and elsewhere. Favorite topics to write about include: healing from religious trauma, mental health awareness, eating disorder recovery, and self-care. But mostly Kelsey just likes to tell stories.

This personal blog is a collection of memoir-style stories, the occasional thoughts on writing, and a peek inside what’s currently on the Kindle. And don’t worry — you’re comments are safe from the trolls here. Promise.