Calling God a Girl

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Hope you enjoy this article I wrote for the website Ravishly. (Note about the picture on Ravishly: I didn’t pick it. I know it gives the article the look of talking specifically about the Christian god, but that wasn’t my intent. Even though the specific religious tradition I’m healing from in Christian, when I talk about the concept of the divine I’m not tying it to a specific religion.)

As a kid, my family’s male-focused religion often left me feeling like I was a member of the second-best sex. I internalized a lot of Sunday morning sexism as I was taught about “biblical gender roles” and “submission” and “a woman’s place.”

And I was taught something else that might not seem harmful: god was male.
Within a monotheistic context where it was considered sinful to say god was anything but a man, male pronouns and imagery reigned supreme. The classic Christian metaphors said the divine could be compared to a father, son, or brother — but not a mother, daughter, or sister. God could be shown with a penis but never a vagina. The divine was indisputably a dude. [Continue reading on Ravishly]

2 thoughts on “Calling God a Girl

  1. If I may, and this is just me personally, I do not expect everyone to agree with me at all. But I see the very idea of a God to be as much of a social construct as gendering it male. Or of thinking of it as some kind of personhood at all. (I realise not everyone does this, but certainly Christians do, or at least they did in my upbringing.) Isn’t it something humans do – project upon other people, animals, imaginary constructs etc., the human traits, qualities, and feelings that they themselves experience? Men have been considered and treated as superior to women since forever, it makes sense they would have claimed God as such. (Not that it justifies it.)

    I think, with or without God, it’s hard enough to break out of that mindset that women are inferior, although I think we as society are seeing some good progress in that area recently. I’m happy that you have been able to feel whole within yourself. I’m still working on it myself. 🙂


  2. Yes. Overcoming our programming can be both challenging and freeing. My own upbringing wasn’t steeped in religion, so when I’ve experienced God, and it was genderless, it was easier for my head to accept. Beautifully written piece!


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