I’m afraid
you’ll mistake
the doubts for lies.
the questions for rebellion.
the lack of certainty as apathy.
the freshly-forged identity as a loss.

6 thoughts on “Agnostic

  1. Anna Bosatta

    Me too.
    And some do.
    But let us not mistake
    the judgments for reality
    the assertiveness for authority
    the defendedness for security
    the rationalised clarity for truth
    the carefully maintained exterior for inner freedom.

    It is good to be where we are.

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  2. “the carefully maintained exterior for inner freedom.” This sums up my own experience so well, Anna. I remember as a kid being taught that there was freedom in Christ, and I was never completely sure what that ment. I didn’t really learn what inner freedom ment until I could finally drop the carefully maintained “good Christian girl” exterior.

    By the way, loved how you wrote your comment. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m afraid
    you’ve mistaken
    your doubts for truth.
    your questions for honest inquiry.
    your lack of certainty as certainty.
    your freshly forged identity as freshly forged.

    That’s what I think.


    • Since I noticed you followed my blog, I feel like I should let you know that this site isn’t good fit for you. This site is a safe place for people to share their personal journeys as they heal from religious trauma. If you’re looking for the sort of theological or philosophical discussion you might have on your own site, you’ll need to find it elsewhere. There are many blogs dedicated to that kind of conversation, but this just isn’t one of them.

      Wishing you the best in your blogging journey.


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