The Haunting Wood

I found it in the Haunting Wood.
Fragile, familiar sobs reverberating
In the corner
of my mind

Sent me searching off the trail as
The voice as innocent as childhood
Called me

Running as roots grabbed and
The darkness thickened towards
The voice,
My voice.

I found her in the Haunting Wood.
Leaking hazel eyes staring into mine.
Her eyes,
My eyes.

“We’ve failed,” she says locking eyes,
Hooking my soul as the haunting words
Hang in
The air.

“We were never enough.” Old fears
Beckon as they begin to rise and walk.
Her fears,
My fears.

I found me in the Haunting Wood.
Didn’t notice its oily shadow hovering,
To bite.

As I listened, captive to old fears, the
Child’s shadow rose to its full height until it
Over me.

The darkness seeped in through my pores,
Aggressively choking me out of my body until
I was

You can find me in the Haunting Wood.
Now I’m the haunt that calls you onward,
The voice
That lies.

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