Holy Communion

“Come,” you are bidding, “come and follow me.
It’s Sunday, time to worship at the shrine
And enter our private sanctuary.
Let us eat the holy bread, drink the wine.”

With each new drop of wine my body sways.
Your soft fingertips write psalms on my skin
As I lift my hands to heaven in praise,
Longing to feel your worship from within.

Our lips like blazing red coals purify.
It’s as tempting as that long ago tree.
With passion we are crying, “Sanctify!”
Because holy communion is the key.

I offer my sacrifice of praise here,
Withholding it would treat you profanely.
I gasp secret confessions in your ear.
Once I was blind, but now I see plainly.

You sing a sanctifying canticle;
Meditations of your adoration.
A chord not found in any church hymnal.
A holy and beautiful temptation.

Church bells ring hosanna, we breathe amen.
Amen. Amen.

Author’s note: There was something freeing, healing about writing this. I’ve somewhat jokingly deemed it “sexy sacrilege,” but I don’t actually believe it’s sacrilegious. For me, writing this was a way of denouncing the idea that the sensual and the sacred are at odds. And it was a way of reclaiming the religious imagery that still holds so much power for me.

12 thoughts on “Holy Communion

  1. I didn’t find it sacrilegious at all. There much talk about intimacy with Jesus…and I think this just took it to a different level. I loved it.

    You know what’s sacrilegious? People who try and make “Song of Solomon” out to be a text about Jesus and the Church. Can we call bullshit on that? It’s a book about sex. It is WAAAAY TOTALLY ABOUT SEX. And it’s a fantastic read, full of incredible imagery, other than maybe the whole, “hair like a flock of goats” portion. But hey, it is what it is.

    Sacrilege or not, keep up the writing! I love it.

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    • “There is much talk about intimacy with Jesus…and I think this just took it to a different level.” Did you ever hear the You Need to Date Jesus talks while in high school (I’m not sure if guys ever got it)? Well, “intimacy with Jesus” sounds even creepier than “dating Jesus,” haha. 😉

      Yeah, I got that teaching about “Song of Solomon.” I feel like it was basically their way of trying to rationalize why something “inappropriate” (that word should be said like you just ate a lemon) in the bible. But it just made the whole thing WAY creepier (especially within the context of a church that took everything else extremely literally).

      You’re always encouraging, Steve. Thank you for that. 🙂

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