Don’t show cleavage it’ll will make the boys stumble
Don’t wear spaghetti straps it’ll make the boys lust
Don’t bend over without bending your knees,
it’ll remind the boys you have an ass
Don’t wear prints or logos,
it’ll remind the boys you have a chest
Don’t you care about your brothers in Christ?

Don’t be too assertive or they’ll know you’re not submissive
Don’t dress too boyish or they’ll know you’re not a lady
Don’t neglect your appearance,
it’ll make the boys think you’re lazy
Don’t spend too much time in front of the mirror,
it’ll make the boys think you’re vain
Don’t you care about your reputation?

Don’t wear red dresses or they’ll know you’re not a nice girl
Don’t take off your purity ring or they’ll think you’ve lost it
Don’t go for a car ride alone with a boy,
it’ll make him think you’re the slut you’re so bent on becoming
Don’t wear bikinis,
it’ll prove you’re not really a nice Christian girl
Don’t you care about the fact you’re a Christian woman?

Don’t give away kisses meant for your future husband
Don’t have sex or you’ll never marry a nice man
Don’t hug boys,
it’ll make them think it’s okay to touch you
Don’t lean on boys,
it’ll make them believe you’re promising them sex
Don’t you care about your sexual purity?

Don’t ask boys out or they’ll think you’re forward
Don’t flirt or they’ll know you’re not a good girl
Don’t feed a crush,
it’ll compromise your emotional purity
Don’t date unless you’re ready to get married,
it’ll lead to making out in the back of a boy’s car
Don’t you care about how you handle your relationships with boys?

Don’t forget that the point of college is to find a husband
Don’t become too educated or you’ll scare off potential suitors
Don’t read too much about theology,
it’ll intimidate the boys
Don’t be too opinionated,
it’ll seem unladylike
Don’t you care about getting married?

Don’t wonder what sex is like because that’s a sin
Don’t learn about your anatomy because that’ll lead to temptation
Don’t touch yourself,
it’ll show you mistakenly think you own your own body
Don’t make out with boys,
it’ll prove you don’t value Future Husband’s property
Don’t you care about God’s beautiful gift of sex?

Don’t go too far or that white dress will mean nothing
Don’t move in together or he’ll never marry you
Don’t forget to marry a man you can rely on,
it’ll be up to him to make all of your life decisions
Don’t sleep with your fiancé,
it’ll ruin the relationship and he might leave you
Don’t you care about your future marriage?

Don’t enjoy sex because that’ll mean you’re unwomanly
Don’t say no to sex because then your husband will stray
Don’t lead while having sex,
it’ll show you’re not a submissive wife
Don’t skip the sexy bedroom attire,
it’ll prove you’ve forgotten your goal is to please him
Don’t you care about God’s gift of sexual oneness in marriage?

Don’t be like those family-hating feminists
Don’t forget that a woman always puts herself second
Don’t put yourself ahead of your children,
it’ll show you’re selfish and a bad mother
Don’t disrespect your husband even if he hits you,
it’ll show you’re unsubmissive and a bad wife
Don’t you care about God’s design for the family?

Girl, don’t you care?

11 thoughts on “Girl

  1. Kelly Zooms

    Reblogged this on Dating on Pause || and commented:
    Oh so many rules and restrictions put on girls/women. There is freedom in Christ! I do not stand a chance if I lived by these, because I am assertive, opinionated, challenging, love sex, study theology, and claim God and His Word as my own! According to this, there is no hope that I would ever be chosen by a man, and yet, in God, I hope that He made (only) ONE man just for me to fit. How can God be so good and yet forget me whom He loves? He didn’t!!!!!! I can’t wait!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. johnberk

    As a man, I have to admit that this poem is extremely accurate. So many restrictions. So many rules are upon us, so many grudges are held for no reason. What can I say? Probably nothing. I remember one standup comedian in our town making jokes about the same thing. It was great, yet it was not funny, rather enlightening. People were like what / we haven’t thought about it this way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John, thank you for taking the time to comment. I always find it interesting to hear what it was like for men living with those restrictions and rules. While in some ways the rules are different, I think the results are pretty similar. It’s hard for everyone to live with and can be damaging all around.


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