Flickr cc Tanya

Flickr cc Tanya

Sometimes a crisis means the world at large is crumbling around us on the nightly news; sometimes it means only your world — or mine. Sometimes pain is physical; sometimes it’s watching your dreams burn and not knowing if you’ll ever be able to carefully pick a few of them out of the ashes. Sometimes mourning means wearing black at a funeral; sometimes it’s walking through the grocery store without the clerk noticing how the flesh encasing your heart has been removed.

Sometimes courage is having hard conversations when you’d rather befriend the silence. Sometimes strength is pulling yourself out of bed and forcing yourself in the shower. Sometimes wisdom is not allowing yourself to think beyond today. Sometimes hope is putting on mascara with the belief that someday, maybe far off or maybe not, you’ll make it through a day without it running. Sometimes faith is the belief that even though you feel like you’re coming apart at the heart-seams, you’ll somehow, in the end, survive — but not without scars.

Sometimes it’s the unknowns that are the scariest. Sometimes crowds are the loneliness. Sometimes the worst part is waking up from a nightmare and realizing that, sadly, it’s not just a dream.

Sometimes finding yourself looks like saying “I,” and meaning it. Sometimes love looks like a willingness to say goodbye. Sometimes bravery looks like entertaining the possibility of new dreams. Sometimes miracles look like going to counseling. Sometimes fortitude looks like deciding to do what’s right for you, even if others don’t understand. Sometimes spirituality looks like finding comfort among the crisp wind and autumn leaves.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. I’m so sorry you can relate so well. Our situations are likely different, but sometimes it feels like the ramifications — the pain, heartache, confusion, etc. — are often the same, or at least very similar.



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  1. Carol Stevens

    sometimes we just want a stranger to acknowledge the fact that we exist…..because we feel so lost. That’s when I go to the grocery store, because most of the clerks at least “act’ human

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    • Carol, beautifully put.

      Sometimes when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed or invisible — either because people don’t know what’s going on or the ones who do aren’t doing much to actually be there — it’s nice to go somewhere like the grocery store because it makes me feel more normal to have someone treat me like just another customer and not the person with a problem whose life is falling apart.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for sharing your own “sometimes.”


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